GTA is perhaps one of the most iconic series we've seen in gaming over the last 20 or so years.

While Rockstar Games has been rather shy in terms of sharing any news pertaining to the new title, there's been some notable leaks in recent months.

Now, the most credible insider within the gaming industry, Jason Schreier, has revealed an ample amount of content players were dying to know!

GTA 6 Setting and More Revealed By Industry Insider

While many of you have seen the now bombshell report posted by Schreier to Bloomberg, there was a bit more that he didn't reveal during this article.

The main report encompassed the notion that GTA 6 is going to feature the first female protagonist within a GTA title, but taking to Reddit Schreier responded to some comments pertaining to the time skipping and the overall setting.

In a Reddit thread, Jason noted that the game will be played during modern times, and players may experience some sort of flashback scenario during missions and what not.

“As far as I know, the main game is set in modern times,”

“I can’t rule out any flashbacks or excursions.”