Money talks

With a new week underway in GTA Online, there are new ways to make money this week! The Expanded and Enhanced update will have reinvigorated a lot of players to rejoin the criminal underworld in Los Santos.

Outside of the usual money making methods in GTA 5 online, there are weekly methods to ensure you get the most money you can. One of the best methods in order to make money and to simply have fun is to do VIP Work!

GTA Online: How To Participate In VIP Work

Complete Double/Triple Cash Missions And Activities

VIP Work is one of the easier ways to earn money and to have a good time within GTA Online and it's been within the game for quite some time now.

Outside of the ordinary side missions and races, these VIP Work missions give players the chance to get some of their daily missions done and over with.

In order to begin work as a VIP, you're simply going to have to head into inventory menu if you own one of these organizations and start the VIP Work process.

If you don't own an organization, you'll need the CEO to start the gig for you!