GTA Online has been holding fans over until we hear more news regarding GTA 6, which may come sooner than some fans believe.

However, when the GTA Definitive Edition released last year, it was met with some heavy critism from fans.

But, there was one mysterious image added that fans have alluded may be our first look at GTA 6, and one GTA insider says we'll know more regarding it soon.

GTA Insider Says Mysterious GTA 6 Image Will Be Revealed Soon

With the Lil'Probe'Inn back during the release of the GTA Definitive Editon, fans noticed that there was an unknown image alongside others from Rockstar titles, including the latest release, Red Dead Redemption 2.

If you've played GTA San Andreas, you're well aware that this building is rumored to be swarmed with aliens, and fans have linked this mysterious image to be one associated with GTA 6.

With UFOs and an alien connection linked to GTA, Tez2, the most notable GTA leaker wrote on GTAForms some details about an upcoming GTA Online event, as well as some news pertaining to the image fans have had so many questions about.

Tez2 noted:

“A year ago, we had this interesting mystery hunt”

“The mysterious picture just happened to be displayed within Lil’ Probe’Inn, a UFO-themed bar.”

“There’s no in-game hint towards GTA 6 within GTA Online files. Rockstar is cautious enough not to do that. But the hint may arrive within the tweet Rockstar will prepare to talk about the UFOs happening on GTA Online”

So, one of the most trusted sources within the GTA community doesn't think that this image has any relation to GTA 6, but we never know, espicially if aliens are involved.