New Approach

GTA is perhaps one of the most iconic series we've seen in gaming over the last 20 or so years, and while Rockstar Games has just released a brand new remastered of the classic trilogy, we're still waiting for more.

Yes, while these three classic games feels like a tie over until we finally hear more regarding GTA 6, we are still getting new information around the game each day.

The latest comes from the Rockstar Games Co-Founder and why the tone may be a bit different this time around.

GTA 6 Tone May Be Different

Most of us known GTA for having a story that's on the light-hearted side of things, along with being a bit edgey, and not afraid to say jokes whenever they want.

After all, this is the formula that's been working for Rockstar Games over the years, and it hasn't failed them yet.

However, Jamie King, who is the Co-Founder of Rockstar Game has noted that within regards to GTA 6, we may be getting something a bit different this time around.

The interview was with Killaz and King noted the following.

"I wouldn't be surprised if the tone starts changing.. if it's maybe not quite as edgy."

Maybe GTA 6 will take a super serious note, or maybe King is just baiting the audience! We'll have to wait and see which side pans out to be true.