Halo Infinite released an month early due to it's 20th Anniversary landing on November 15, and players are finally complacent with a Halo multiplayer that we can play forever.

343 have put a lot of effort and time into multiple aspects of the game including the wide array of game modes we are able to dive in.

With any multiplayer game you're probably going to want to game out with some friends, and we're going to run over how to add them witin Infinite.

Halo Infinite How To Add Friends

It's always better to play games with friends, whether you're diving into Ranked Arena or Big Team Battle.

Halo's a title best played with friends and if you're looking to add one of your friends to join your lobby, then you're going to need to follow a simple step.  

Head over to the social tab within the menus of Halo Infinite. From here, hit "Find Friends" and you can either type in their username or find them via Discord.

Xbox and Discord have partnered together for this feature, allowing players to invite their Discord friends into their games!