The First Event!

Halo Infinite was a title that fans were looking to close the year out on a high by playing, but Xbox has released the multiplayer component of the game a month early for players to dive into.

Now, the game bolsters a fresh battle pass that pays homage to Halo Reach and they've announced in-game events over the duration of the first season.

The first event is the Fractures Tenrai Event, and we've got everything you need to know regarding it.

Fractures Tenrai Event Start Date

Before we dive into the rewards, challenges and other details surrounding the Fractures Tenrai Event, it's always a good note to jot down when the event is actually going to take place.

As of now, the Fractures Tenrai Event is slated to begin on November 23, and will run until November 30.

Fractures Tenrai Event Rewards

The Yoroi Samurai Armor will be a part of these rewards, as it will be a featured one during the Fracture: Tenrai!

Along with this legendary armor, players will also be able to earn other Samurai themed rewards!

We'll be sure to update this page when more news flows in.