Scream if you wanna grow faster!

Hogwarts Legacy allows aspiring wizards and witches to attend classes and carry out tasks that they will have watched from the Harry Potter movies.

This includes unforgiveable curses, which are perhaps the strongest spells players will be able to learn within the game, and one of these is the powerful Crucio.

Here's how to learn the spell Crucio!

Hogwarts Legacy: How To Learn Crucio

To get to the point in order to learn Crucio, players will need to progress along the main-story/sub-story with Sebastian, one of the main supporting side characters within the game.

One mission envoles players diving into the depths of the Slytherin dungeon, where you'll be granted a chance to learn the curse.

It's up to you if you want to learn the curse and cast it on yourself or Sebastian, but in the end, it dosen't really matter.

Just be sure you don't reject the chance to learn the spell, as it's the only chance!