Everyone loves a freebie!

Forza Horizon 5, has finally hit the streets after a long three years since Horizon 4 was released, and players have definitely felt this is the best title within the series thus far.

First starting out within Horizon 5 can be rough, and while you may not have any Credits to purchase cars from the AutoShow, there's still ways you can obtain some cars.

How To Get Free Cars In Horizon 5

Horizon 5 offers player's a variety of ways to earn free cars within the game, and some of these vehicles are actually a lot of fun to race around the wonderful map.

The most common one most of you are probably aware of is the Barn Finds. These are hidden cars within barns around the map, and more often than not they're classic vehicles.

However, another way that's been added into Horizon for player's to add some cars into their collection is the new loyalty rewards program.

This allows player's who have played previous Forza titles, whether it was the Horizon entries or the Motorsport ones, to earn a select few cars.

All of these cars are rather fast, and a nice gesture from the developers to appreciate our loyalty to the franchise!