Fortnite's newest collaboration has been long awaited and it comes in the form of Dragonball Z.

With Goku and other characters finally within the game, they've also added some new mythic weapons for players to use.

One of these is the Nimbus Cloud, which will be a fantastic way for players to get across the map.

Here's how to obtain the Nimbus Cloud within Fortnite.

How To Get The Nimbus Cloud In Fortnite

The new Nimbus Cloud mythic weapon is the direct polar opposite of the Kamehameha, as it does not offer any offensive traits, rather an efficent way to get around the map.

Using the Nimbus Cloud, players will be able to hop on, and soar around the Fortnite island in a flash.

So, if you're eager to see Fortnite from above, then you're going to want to obtain the Nimbus Cloud.

Capsule Corp marked locations are going to be the key in order to find this mythic item. As once players have headed towards these locations, you'll just need to interact with it and choose between one of the two Dragonball mythic items.

So, be sure to get there ASAP within a Fortnite match and choose the Nimbus Cloud!