New buddy!

Valorant, like most tactical first-person shooters has a major emphasis on in-game skins, and we see this in other titles such as CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege.

Gunbuddy's are little attachments that hang off the side of your weapon within Valorant, and player's will be on the hunt for the new Poro one.

We're going to breakdown how you'll be able to obtain one within the game.

How To Get The Poro Gunbuddy In Valorant

This new gunbuddy recently arrived within the game, and to obtain one is sorta of a hidden secret within the in-game training grounds.

This is where player's will be able to test out new abilities, and hone their aim within the in-game aim trainer with bots.

ValorLeaks over on Twitter has identified some of the ways players will be able to unlock this new gunbuddy, and we're going to run over them shortly.

Basically, all players all have to do is to complete a certain amount of challenges/missions given to use by agents.

Once you have this complete, you'll gain access to Killjoy's Lab and you'll then be able to take on a new mission for both Killjoy and Jett.

Completing this is the second to last step, as you will need to take on a final mission give to you by Yoru.

Once this is done, you should have access to the new Poro gunbuddy.

A unique gunbuddy that is to sure to add some jazz to your weapon within Valorant!