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Warzone Pacific has now released worldwide, and it's been fresh change of pace for players who've been diving into the battle royale for almost two years now.

While the new map has released, there isn't to many mechanical changes when it comes to Warzone, so players should still be used to the movement.

However, you're now able to Stim Super Slide in Warzone, and we're going to run over how you can do this!

How To Stim Super Slide

Sliding is one of Warzones premier movement abilites, as players will be able to slide all around the map in a relatively fast manner.

But, using a stim shot, some players have discovered that they'll be able to extend the amount of time you'll be able to slide, making it a must-have.

If you're looking to do this move, simply pop a Stim Shot, then start sliding and you'll notice right away how much faster and longer your slide is.