Diablo 4 is the latest entry within the storied franchise, and it'll be arriving soon for players worldwide.

With all this said, fans of the series who are hoping to jump into the action on day one, are going to want to know if the game is going to release on Xbox Game Pass.

Here's the answer!

Is Diablo 4 Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

With Diablo 4 being the successor to 3, and the latest entry into the story, fans are amped to finally jump into a brand new Diablo title.

As well, players will be able to play as certain classes that they've loved over the years, and take on new and exciting bosses.

In regards to if the game is on Xbox Game Pass or not, we'd have to imagine that it won't be for quite some time, if it ever does make it's way over.

Unfortunately, players will need to fork over the full price for the newest title in the Diablo series.