EA Sports FC 24 is the new era of soccer titles for fans globally, and with them recently revealing the game for the first time, we're amped to dive in

There's a ton of questions being asked in the leadup to the release, including if the games going to be on Xbox Game Pass.

Here's the answer!  

Is EA Sports FC 24 On Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is one of the best deals within gaming, as a lot of the time, Xbox will release brand new titles on day one for fans to check out.

While titles such as Starfield and others have released on Day One, there's a little special note when it comes to Madden.

Everyone's Xbox Game Pass memebership comes combined with an EA Play subscription for free of charge, which is the platform EA Sports FC 24 resides on.

So, while it's technically on Xbox Game Pass, players will only be able to play the 10 hour free trail as part of early access.

Once your 10 hours is complete, you'll need to purchase the game in full. But, in recent years, around three to four months after EA Sports FC 24 has released, they usually add the game in full to Game Pass.