GTA is perhaps one of the most iconic series we've seen in gaming over the last 20 or so years.

While Rockstar Games has been rather shy in terms of sharing any news pertaining to the new title, there's been some notable leaks in recent months.

One more recent one has pertained to the development, or rather rocky process that has been underway over at Rockstar Games.

"Leaker" Notes How GTA 6 Has Experienced "Very Turbulent" Development

While the release date of GTA 6 is still something that fans of the series have been speculating about for numerous years, it seems we're around 4-5 year's away according to numerous sources.

Tom Henderson, one of the premier insiders within the industry has shed some light on the development of the title in the form of some tweets.

He's noted that similar to other game developers, COVID has had a long standing effect on where the game is at this point in time, and we probably won't see a release date until 2024 and beyond.

This dosen't really come as a surprise to us, and when the day comes that Rockstar does reveal GTA 6, it'll break the internet.