GTA 6 is perhaps the most anticipated game of all time, and while Rockstar Game has been shut regarding any news pertaining to the title, a major datamine has revealed some key gameplay.

This is without a doubt the largest leak within the gaming industry in quite some time, and we're going to run over all that we know thanks to these leaks.

Here's what we know!

Major Rockstar Datamine Reveals First GTA 6 Gameplay

The leaks source is rather unknown at the moment, but fans have speculated that a source code was leaked via an employee at Rockstar, and thus, users were able to get in an uncover some footage.

There was a lot showcased, including some action of the weapons, the main character, and other details.

Twitter user Lizardalgae noted the following has been confirmed in these leaks.

  • Multiple protagonists
    • Male and Female with switching
    • Vice City
    • Strip Clup
    • Open store robberies

We're going to post all the clips that Lizardalgae posted via Twitter below. As well, we can assume these videos are going to be taken down by Rockstar shortly, so be sure to check them out while you can!

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