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Multiversus is the latest fighting game to enter the foray of entries within the genre, and looks to compete with the likes of Super Smash and Streetfighter in the near future.

Moving ahead, the game is expected to bolster a wide array of characters and so far into its open beta, we’ve seen some emerge from others in terms of how powerful and diverse they can be.

We’re going to breakdown the ultimate Multiversus tier list, so you know how to play when checking out the game during its open beta.

Multiversus Tier List

Finding the right character to use within any fighting game is going to be one of the essential aspects you’re going to want to tackle right away.

Certain characters are going to offer you a wide array of distinct elements compared to others, such as iron Giant’s enormous health and his ability to tank so much damage. While speedy characters such as Finn will be a pain just to land one attack.

Since we are in the open beta, this list is bound to change, but for now, this is a good tier list to base your choice of character off of.

S Tier

  • Iron Giant, Finn, Superman, Bugs Bunny

A Tier

  • Harley Quinn, Batman, LeBron James, Jake, Shaggy

B Tier

  • The Dog, Steven Universe, Taz, Arya Stark, Reindog

C Tier

  • Tom and Jerry, Wonder Women, Velma, Garnet