NBA 2K has always been the best sports game for basketball fans, and while some players aren't too happy with recent changes to the game, NBA 2K24 is on the way.

Were in store for another year of insane additions, along with some great content.

So, before you jump into this year's game, we're going to run over if this years iteration will offer crossplay.

Here's what we know!

NBA 2K24 - Release Date

NBA 2K24 typically releases around the same time every year, and for those who don't already know, this is sometime in September, right before the actual NBA season kick's off.

This year shouldn't be any different, and while 2K Games haven't confirmed a date as of now, keep your eyes peeled for the first week of September.

Will NBA 2K24 Offer Crossplay?

In terms of if the game is going to offer crossplay for players, this is going to be the first year that they actually do!

Yes, so this means players on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC will finally be able to party up and play against and with one another, as this was a long awaited feature in the 2K series.