New details have emerged!

Mafia is one of the most beloved franchises within gaming, and while it's been quite some time since the latest entry into the series, fans are hopeful another one is on the way.

This comes in the form of a new job listing fans have spotted and we're going to runover all the news.

New Job Listing Could Hint That Mafia 4 Is In Development

For those who've never played the Mafia titles, they're sorta like the GTA games, but with their own unique twist.

More laid back combat, combined with high stakes missions make these titles some of the best single player games out there for fans to enjoy.

Now, a new job listing for a Tools Engineer has noted the following description for the studio behind Mafia 3.

"Tools programmers work directly with content creators to give them the power to create amazing experiences and to support our culture of iterative design to make AAA games. Create and maintain tools for an unannounced multi-platform game currently in pre-production using Unreal Engine 5."

While Mafia 4 was confirmed back in 2022, this new role could lead fans to question the state of development thus far.

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