With Valorant gearing up to celebrate it's two year anniversary, players are mindful that some new game modes may come to commerate the special event.

Well, thanks to some handy dandy leakers, we already know a decent few of these game modes we can expect to see soon within Valorant!

New Leaked Game Modes Coming To Valorant Soon

While yes, we're celebrating Valorant's two year anniversary in a few weeks, there hasn't been that many game modes that Riot has introuduced over the last couple of years.

We've had our fun in Replication or Deathmatch, but some new ones are on the way according to avid leaker, ValorLeaks.

From what we can tell, it appears an official 1v1 game mode is in the works over at Riot Games, which we could see in the new Act!

This would either be a B011/B013 according to ValorLeaks, and this seems like a fantastic idea for players to warm up before jumping into Ranked.