A New World!

New World's still bubbling away as it approaches April and a new update is being released.

New World is back in business of adding regular updates to the MMO - this week update 1.4.5 arrives with notable fixes and some evil bunnies for players to take on.

Here's what's new in New World.

1.5.1 Patch Notes


  • Umbral Shards, Gems, and Repair Kits can no longer be dragged directly from Storage onto equipped items. This should prevent instances where upgrading shows you the wrong amount of available shards.

  • Faction control point crafting yield bonuses will now compound additively — instead of multiplicatively — with yield bonuses from tradeskill armor/levels.

  • Improved tier 3 aptitude rewards for the furnishing tradekskill.

  • Fixed an issue causing certain moving or homing attacks to become stuck in place (for example, Isabella's Corruption Fissures, Caretaker's Swarm, Plague Ghost's Disease Cloud).

  • Improved audio performance on min spec devices.

  • Weapons

    • Blunderbuss: Fixed an issue that caused normal shots to deal no damage for a short time after using an ability.

    • Ice Gauntlet - Entombed: Fixed an issue where this ability did not receive the correct healing reduction in Arenas.

    • Bow: Fixed an issue that caused charged bow shots to have reduced accuracy.

  • PvP

    • PvP XP and Salt rewards are now more generous in OPR and Arenas. Both are now awarded for winning Arena rounds even if the overall match is lost. We are also adjusting the daily cap at 40 matches per day or approximately 3 hours of daily PvP Arena matches. After 40 matches in 24 hours, we will reward players 25% of the original PvP Salt and PvP XP rewards. This keeps it possible to play for as long as you want while more optimally rewarding for the first 3 hours daily.

    • Increased the amount of coin in each of the coin packs received from the PvP Rewards Track.

    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to circumvent damage from the Arena’s Ring of Fire by using certain abilities.

    • Fixed an issue where opening the Scoreboard (default: N key) during a PvP Game Mode would kick the player out of the match which would also result in a Leaver Penalty.