Overwatch 2's second PVP beta has recently begun once again, and with the addition of the new Junker Queen Hero, there's been some significant changes to certain characters.

Mercy has been on the fall-end of these changes, and fans aren't too happy with them, as they seem to make playing Support a terrible time now.

Overwatch 2 Players Upset With New Mercy Changes

Mercy has standed out as the true Support character within Overwatch since the first one grew to such heights when it released back in 2016.

Her ability to soar through the sky and heal anyone in an instant was unmatched. But now, Blizzard has nerfed this feature a decent amount, as they've noted that players will have to mix it up when using Guardian Angel.

“Guardian Angel can no longer be canceled using crouch for a big vertical boost”

As soon as players noticed these changes, they flocked to the Overwatch Reddit to post their concerns of their favorite character, being essentially useless.

A post by u/gladiolus_00 stated "Holy God they have officially massacred mercy, I seriously want to cry right now."

As well, within the post many other users expressed their concerns with some players noting:

"They'll definitely revert this, it's so horrible to play. I'm not sure anyone even tested it honestly."

"Mercy feels AWFUL right now"