Gaming With Friends

Rainbow Six Siege has soared since it was released nearly seven years ago, and we're quickly coming up on the seventh year anniversary of the game.

Now, they've released another event for players to take part in, and this time around its the biggest one yet, Extraction.

Extraction has a flurry of content for players to check out, but if you're looking to jump into the missions solo, we're going to run over how you'll be able to achieve this.

Rainbow Six Extraction: How To Play Solo

If you rather play through some of the missions solo, or don't want to queue with random players into these hardcore mission, perhaps playing solo is the way to go.

Besides, you don't want anyone stealing your glory while playing!

Jumping into a solo match of Rainbow Six Siege Extraction is rather easy, and its the same process of actually playing a multiplayer game of Siege itself.

When you're in the lobby of Extraction, you're just going to want to load into a game by yourself!

Making sure no-ones in your lobby will just deploy you and not queue for other players.