GTA 6 is perhaps the most anticipated game of all time, and while Rockstar Game has been shut regarding any news pertaining to the title.

Now, with Take-Two all but confirming the game will be coming out within the next year or two, the actor rumored to be playing GTA 6s main character, might have indicated towards something.

Here's what we know!

Rumored GTA 6 Voice Actor Might Be Hinting Towards The Games Announcement Soon

The voice actor, Bryan Zampella, has been rather active on social media as of late, and fans have been busy trying to connect the dots to see if there's any substance here.

One recent image has struck an idea into fans minds, as Bryan is wearing the same outfit that the in-game leak of his character was wearing last year

So, maybe this gives off some indication into the fact that Rockstar could be announcing the game fully in the next month or so, as this would aling with the PlayStation Showcase and other events happening soon.

But, as always, we'll be sure to keep you posted if we hear more news.