Saints Row 2022 is finally here, the reboot of the iconic series has been recieving mixed reviews from fans, but this doesn't mean there isn't a lot of fun to be had within this game.

The series itself hasn't seen a release since Saints Row 4 back in 2013, and beloved fans are overjoyed we get a new one with modern graphics.

One aspect about Saints Row that is luring to players is the fact that you can dive into co-op with one another.

Here's how to play co-op in Saints Row.

Saints Row: How To Play Co-Op With Friends

Taking a lighter tone than other open-world RPGs, Saints Row is all about mayhem, more so than its counterpart, GTA.

This is why these games are espicially good when you have a group of friends to muck around with and cause chaos. It'll make the game an ample amount more fun, and you'll get the missions beat faster.

Before we dive into how to play co-op in Saints Row, there are some disclaimers we have to toss out there. The game doesn't support cross-play at the time of writing, nor does it offfer players with parties larger than two.

So, if you fit into this criteria, than below is how to play co-op in Saints Row.

  • Load a new save
  • Select co-op
  • Invite your friend
  • Done!

It really is that simple, and hopefully later down the line they add four player co-op and crossplay for players!