Starfield is perhaps one of the most anticipated games we've seen in quite some time, and while Bethesda recently showcase the title fully, for perhaps the final time, we're still amped and have some so many questions.

With Starfield taking us all around the galaxy, we're going to breakdown if players will be able to remove traits, once they've selected them.

Starfield: Can You Remove Traits?

While Starfield is perhaps the most ambitious title that we've seen out of a company in years, Bethesda has always been known to push the boundaries of gaming, and this is no exception.

With the new collaboration traits, these are going to dipict how you're playing is going to play throughout the game, and will decide some of the in-game events, along with unlocking new dialogue and more.

However, if you've chosen one that doesn't suit your playstyle, you're naturally going to want to remove it, and Todd Howard has further noted that players will need to complete a quest to remove traits.

This should be different depending on the trait, but we'll be sure to keep you posted.