New Season

The anticipation behind every new Valorant Act is one that players worldwide look forward too, and with Episode 6 Act 3 coming to a close, a new Episode is on the horizon.

With a new agent released last act, this new act is going to be much more tame then before.

We're going to runover the brand new agent coming to Valorant.

Valorant Episode 7 Act 1: Release Date

Riot has now officially announced a release date as of now, but it appears that Episode 7 Act 1 will release sometime around June 27, 2023.

As this is when the current battle pass for Episode 6 Act 3 is slated to end.

Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 New Agent Deadlock - Abilities, Lore and More

For those who don't know, every second Act is when we tend to get a brand new agent, and this will once again be the time we welcome a new character.

While Riot has been rather shut regarding the new agent, there's been some considerable leaks, and we also know when the official reveal is happening.

In regards to the newest agent within Valorant, Deadlock has now been revealed and her abilities are below.

  • GravNet (C): With this ability, Deadlock equips a GravNet grenade, which can be thrown or lobbed underhand. Upon landing, it detonates and forces any enemies caught within its range to crouch and move slowly. This ability can be particularly effective in restricting enemy movement and creating advantageous situations for Deadlock and her team.
  • Sonic Sensor (Q): Deadlock's Sonic Sensor is deployed by firing it, and it monitors an area for enemies making sound. If footsteps, weapon fire, or significant noise is detected, the sensor concusses the area, potentially disorienting and disrupting any enemy present. This ability can provide valuable information about enemy positions and create opportunities for surprise attacks.
  • Barrier Mesh (E): Equipping a Barrier Mesh disc, Deadlock can throw it forward. On landing, it generates barriers that block character movement. This ability can be used strategically to block off key pathways or protect teammates from enemy fire, adding an element of defensive utility to Deadlock's kit.
  • Annihilation (X): Deadlock's ultimate ability is the Nanowire Accelerator. By firing it, she unleashes a pulse of nanowires that captures the first enemy contacted. They are then pulled along a path and will die if they reach the end, unless they are freed.

Now, new teasers have been posted below.

We'll be sure to update this page as we hear more information in regards to the Valorant's new agent!