Valorant has been making waves within the gaming world since it was released back in 2020, and with the esports scene soaring thanks to VCT; more players are jumping in every day.

With Episode 5 Act 2 being released now, there hasn't been any agent reworks yet, but players are already coming up with ones they want to see.

Cypher is in-store for a revamping soon, and some players have come up with an amazing change to his ultimate!

Valorant Players Want Cypher's Ultimate Reworked ASAP

The inteligence master, Cypher has been under played in recent Acts, with numerous changes to other agents such as KAY/O, Chamber and Jett, we haven't seen any planned content for Cypher.

While the agent is still effective on certain maps such as Bind, there's room for improvement always, and one Reddit user, Virtual_Attitude550, took it into their hands.

In the Reddit post, which gathered a decent number of upvotes, they note the following for Cypher's changes.

These would be interesting changes, and we're sure Riot has something planned for the future, as they tend to rework agents after a certain period of time.

Let us know how you feel about this possible Cypher Ultimate change!