Where'd they go?

Warzone Pacific has gotten out to a flying start worldwide, with numerous players checking out the brand new map Caldera, along with all the new Vanguard weapons.

However, not everything has gone to plan as one would hope, as glitches and bugs have surfaced once again.

This time around, its a battle pass skin that literally turns players invisble past a certain distance.

Battle Pass Skin Becomes Invisible

What's Happening?

Essentially, this glitch is pretty common so far, as it deals with the tier 100 battle pass skin, and once players have it equipped, they won't be able to be spotted past 35 meters.

That isn't a huge distance, espicially in Warzone where you're so use to spotting enemies from long rang and trying to chip away at their armor.

There isn't really a method to doing this glitch either, its bascially just happening to players who have this skin equipped.

BennyCentral posted a video noting the glitch back during the 15th of December and you can check this out down below.

We can assume this glitch has been patched somewhat within Warzone, but theres still a chance that you're going to encounter it from time to time!