The Kone XP is the latest mouse in ROCCAT's best-selling Kone Range. The refined ergonomic shape and 15 programmable buttons provide unprecedented customization and comfort, while the 22 LED's and 8 light guides deliver a revolutionary 3D lighting experience.

If you're in the market for a brand new Kone XP, it's good to note how much the mouse weighs compard to other ROCCAT mice.

How Much does the ROCCAT Kone XP Weigh?

The Kone XP comes in weighing at 104g, and this meets around the middle of two mice that compare nicely to the Kone XP.

These two being the ROCCAT Kone Pro weighing in at 66g and our ROCCATMKone AIMO Remastered coming in at 130g.

So, if you're in the market for a mouse that isn't too light, but isn't too heavy, then it seems the Kone XP is the one for you.

It's weight comes in at a nice balanced point, so you'll be able to adjust to various games and playstyles and really won't have an issuse using the mouse for long gaming sessions.