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MMORPGs have been all the rave ever since World of Warcraft pioneered the genre over 20 years ago.

Now, a new MMORPG from Japan, Blue Protocol is in the works and with the Japan release already here, we're going to runover when it'll release in the west!

Here we go!

When Does Blue Protocol Release In The West?

Developed by Bandai Namcom, the new MMORPG has recieved high praise since it was showcased and later released in Japan, and there's good reasons for this.

The combat looks rather smooth, and there's seemless transitions between players classes, so western fans are amped to sink their teeth into it.

For the time being, Bandai had maintained that Blue Protocol was set to release sometime towards the second half of 2023, however this has changed.

Blue Protocol will release in the west sometime in 2024, it's not clear when however, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.