One of the biggest gaming content creators known for his 10000 IQ and high skill gameplay across multiple titles, Sypher has amassed millions of fans the world over.

The best gamers demand the best tools, which is why ROCCAT® and SypherPK are teaming up, to take over.

German Precision Engineering meets American skill and determination. Unstoppable.

“As soon as I got my hands on the Kone Pro Air, I was like, this is absolutely it! It glides better than any other mouse I’ve ever tried. Its lightweight and feels very quick and easy to use. The scroll wheel is fantastic as well. Everything about the design not only looks great, by feels great in my hand.” – Ali “SypherPK” Hassan

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“It’s all very well having an incredible mouse, but what I put it on makes all the difference to the feel and consistency of my aim. Of course, comfort during those long streams and gaming session is important too. The Sense AIMO XXL not only looks incredible with the lighting, but its thick, comfortable to rest on, and has a smooth surface with just the right amount of resistance for my aim style.” – Ali “SypherPK” Hassan

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ROCCAT® Owl-Eye 19K DPI optical sensor
Stellar Wireless + Bluetooth
Titan Switch Optical
Extreme lightweight - only 75g
AIMO lighting engine

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Top-tier coated cloth surface
Excellent balance of speed & control
Rubberized non-slip backing
2 individually configurable RGB zones
AIMO lighting engine

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About SypherPK


Founded in 2007 in Hamburg, ROCCAT designs high-quality precision PC peripherals. We combine innovative design with a genuine passion for what we do. The results are forward-looking products, adaptable to the gaming trends of tomorrow.

The industry-leading experiences we develop are born of a deep affinity with gaming communities that we ourselves are a part of. ROCCAT achieves this by having an outstandingly talented team comprised of gamers, visionaries, and industry experts.

ROCCAT is proud to power SypherPK with our German engineered gear.


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