Welcome to Neon™.

The new driver software from ROCCAT® that gives you a single modern, sleek destination to configure and optimize supported ROCCAT® devices

Built for you, with you

With Neon, we’re delivering a driver packed with features that gamers want to use. Initially our focus is on core features, but with your feedback we will build on this solid base with regular updates, delivering new and exciting functionality.

Modern & intuitive

Slick hover controls, drag & drop interfaces, instant hardware detection, automatic firmware updates and more, all result in a driver that works beautifully when you need it, and gets out of the way when you don’t. With Neon, we’re focused on delivering software you’ll want to install.

Supported Products

Syn Pro Air




Download Now

for Windows 10

Ongoing Swarm Support

With the introduction of Neon, Swarm will continue to see ongoing support and development for existing products. Whilst not all legacy ROCCAT® products will transition to Neon, both drivers can run on your PC.