What do you mean?

The launch of Season 15 has arrived for Apex Legends, changing the battlefield drastically once again.

While exciting attractions like the new Storm Point map are a huge draw, it is undoubtedly the shift in the Legends meta that will fuel the fires of the community for months to come.

To prepare you for many a glorious victory, we’ve put together an Apex Legends Season 15 Character tier list to guide your choices for the games ahead.

Apex Legends Character Tier List


  • Valkyrie
  • Gibraltar
  • Bloodhound
  • Caustic

Valkyrie has long and been one of the must-haves when it comes to overall teamplay in Apex Legends. You're able to have an easy rotate where ever you are on the map, and this can't be overlooked as essential.

Gibraltar’s tank-like support role is an excellent partnership for her, as he’s able to soak up bullets and allow your squad to exfiltrate out of danger. We all go down at some point, and Gibraltar’s protective dome allows 33% faster revives within it.

Having a hunting duo of Ash and Bloodhound could easily become one of the most popular combinations in Season 11, as the latter’s pinging abilities can reveal nearby enemies through walls. Popping his ultimate ability, which highlights foes visually and increases movement speed, will surely make for a devastating combo with Ash’s stun.

If you prefer to play with your foe’s confidence in their hiding spots, then Caustic’s gas-based abilities can flood a building with overwhelming dread. The gas itself received some discrete buffs in the previous season, meaning Caustic’s ability to leave behind motion-triggered traps is a unique flavor for the battlefield that can act as a way to bring enemies to your attention.


  • Seer
  • Wraith
  • Lifeline
  • Ash
  • Catalyst

Seer’s initial introduction in Season 10 established the Legend as a certified demon in skirmishes due to his scanning-based abilities. This made it far easier to flush entire squads out of their hiding places. But as with every new Legend, Seer’s power was tweaked and ultimately nerfed to appease the community. Nonetheless, combining Seer with the agile nature of Wraith’s teleportation makes rushing enemies a deliciously satisfying feat.

The role of the medic may be overlooked by most in favor of more action-orientated Legends, but Lifeline’s healing abilities can often be an essential key to emerging victorious. Alternatively, those looking for their slice of explosive set pieces can opt for Valkyrie’s highly versatile skill set. Able to transport squadmates around the map in a pinch, this “winged avenger” can rain hellfire down on your foes with a blistering barrage of missiles.

Cut from a similar cloth to Wraith’s, Ash’s teleportation is far faster, albeit it one way. Armed with useful tracking tech and a disorientating stun, Ash is a great pick for players that prefer to hunt their prey carefully rather than blast through the front door.


  • Horizon
  • Octane
  • Vantage
  • Pathfinder
  • Bangalore
  • Newcastle

Even with some significant reductions to her base abilities, Horizon is still a dependable Legend. Equipped with an incredible Gravity Lift that brings your squad out of danger in a Batman-esque fashion, Horizon is only overtaken by Valkyrie when it comes to team traversal methods. Pair this with the intimidating Black Hole ultimate and you’ve got a sure-fire way to a win.

Those with a need for speed can select Octane, who still remains a Legend worthy of staying in the higher tiers. Trading health for bursts of manic speed, Octane will heal over time to compensate for this depletion. Useful for turning the tides during a rotation, his enormous Bounce Pad ultimate could be the edge you need to claim an area.

Known as a recon Legend, Pathfinder features an awesome Grapple Hook ability that’s fantastic for slingshotting yourself around the environment. He’s also able to deploy a zipline for the squad, which is an underrated way to survey upcoming engagements.

Bangalore has proven time and time again that they are a solid choice, no matter what the Season may bring. Blowing enemies away with her Rolling Thunder ultimate and able to speed through smoke deployed towards your enemies, Bangalore is a go-to choice for players looking for a traditional FPS feel.

The latest addition into the game, Newcastle, is interesting. His abilities are rather unique, being able to build walls with his ultimate is nice in certain scenarios. But, we don't know how useful he'll be as comapred to Legends such as Gibby.


  • Rampart
  • Loba
  • Mad Maggie
  • Crypto

Tank-style players would probably be better opting for Gibraltar, but the changes to Rampart’s Minigun ultimate have kept them from the bottom of the pile. Now that the weapon can be carried at walking speed, this ultimate can be used to obliterate oncoming enemies or keep them distracted as your squad flanks them.

If you’re a fiend for loot, then Loba’s gear-based abilities will definitely appeal to your collecting nature. Loba can see high-tier loot through walls, while her ultimate will bring all relevant loot to your location in a rapid teleport.

Mirage’s misdirections were the talk of the town when players first got to grips with him, but his holographic projection ability is easy to spot in the field. While the ruse may not be effective, being able to cloak yourself while reviving and using respawn beacons is an underlooked feature to bring your squad back into the fray.

Crypto splits the player’s focus between pushing forward or operating his equipment. A disastrous combination, it often leaves Crypto exposed to pursuing opponents however.


  • Revenant
  • Wattson
  • Fuse
  • Mirage

Blessed with faster crouching and high-speed wall climbing, hunter-style Legend Revenant just doesn’t have enough to bring them into the higher tiers. Unfortunately, his ultimate isn’t very impressive either, simply silencing enemies while dealing a mediocre amount of damage. Wattson used to be a viable option a few Seasons ago, but their value to a trio’s selection has dropped immensely as nerfs have come and gone.

Fuse is more suited to Arenas than the core battle royale experience due to his competitively crushing grenades. Unfortunately, his Motherlode ultimate is entirely dependent on specific situations, which isn’t exactly what you need in a game this fast-paced.