Within The Well

Elden Ring is perhaps one of the most anticipated games that have ever released in modern gaming, and with reviews pouring in, its easy to see why.

The game has countless NPCs that you'll be able to find within the wild, that are going to ask you with certain quests and what not.

One of these NPCs you're going to want to find is Blaidd - here's where to find him in Siofra River.

Where To Find Blaidd In Siofra River In Elden Ring

Ranni The Witche will task you with finding Blaidd as a part of her questline within Elden Ring, but dosesn't really give you much indication into where he's located too.

You're going to want to head over to Siofra River, which is towards the eastern portion of Limgrave and you'll have to take a rather long elevator down towards this area.

Once down within the well, you're going to want to fight some monsters including Wraith's, Giant Crabs and more and manuver onwards until you reach the second Site of Grace.

Blaidd is standing near the cliffside and is easy to spot, and you won't miss it!