Trick or Treat?

Valorant's been criticised in the past for its issue with weapon and recoil control. Players have been known to moan at the consistentcy of the recoil patterns and the lower skill-curve compared to other games such as CSGO.

Those thoughts are only going to grow stronger after a new trick seems to be granting players perfect aim!

New Trick Gives Perfect Aim In Valorant

What's Happening?

Jakub 'Lothar' Szygulski has demonstrated a mechanic that gives the Bulldog and Stinger perfect accuracy.

If you play around with the configurations, you can find a clever way to optimise your shot while ADS. This is proven to be far too effective to the point where it's broken.

When using these two weapons, you can ADS. Lothar discovered that when binding fire and ADS to the same button, it allowed you to get off precise sprays thanks to the weapons burst fire.

“When it comes to the Stinger and the Bulldog, the quick-burst is insanely accurate even though you might be moving left, right, or peeking,” Lothar explained.

It was very surprising that he could get this kind of accuracy on-the-fly. Once combined, he was shocked to see the ADS accuracy on these two weapons can be achieved with a single click of the button.

Of course, Lothar took his new findings to the practice range where he confirmed that he could achieve perfect sprays.

Lothar has pleeded to Riot to fix this ASAP - we can only hope this is delt with swiftly.

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