Easter Egg

As we've reached an era in Warzone that we've had three different maps, players have been making it known that they'd want to rotate between maps.

With Rebirth Island being the smallest out of the bunch, it appears players are finding new easter eggs within this map everyday.

Now, there seems to be a method that allows players to get a free loadout right off the rip!

Rebirth Island Easter Egg: How To Get A Free Loadout

We've seen some vairation of this easter egg before, and it's rather easy to complete and allows you to gain access to a Legendary Milano SMG, along with an ample amount of cash and a loadout to drop.

Basically, players will have to head into the red room within the house right outside of the Prison. Then, after looting the entire area, head out and fly until you reach the docks, and head to the right side and there should be a door waiting for you.

Enter this door, go into the door on the right and on the wall of pannels, there should be one that you'll be able to interact with, and this is the one that'll give you a free loadout.

Another method that has been discovered is within Bio, along the north side of the map. Head over to this POI and drop down to the basement.

One of the walls will let you interact with it, and it should turn on a shower and drop you some cash, along with the keycard to enter the noted stronghold.