Dead Island was once the pioneer of zombie survival titles back during the days of the Xbox 360's reign on the gaming world.

Now, we've see countless other zombie titles such as Dying Light and Back 4 Blood, but none will ever come close to Dead Island.

After what feels like forever, Dead Island 2 has finally been revealed and has a release date.

Here's what we know!

Dead Island 2 Release Date and Story Finally Leaked

With the first Dead Island arriving back in 2011, this makes it over a decade since the original released, which has to be one of the longest time periods in between two games within the same IP.

Nevertheless, Amazon accidentally posted the listing, along with same images on August 18th, 2022.

So, the release date for Dead Island as of right now appears to be February 3rd, 2023. With a reveal coming more than likely at Gamescom 2022, or The Game Awards at the end of the year,

In regards to the story, players will venturing around The City of Angels, and as one would guess, you eventually become infection.

The city itself is based around LA, and players will be able to choose from one of six characters to journey out into the wild.

Below are the official description per Wario64, along with some images to go along with the game.