While Valorant is all about its gunplay and the skill players wield with their weapons, there's a large focus on in-game cosmetics.

Riot are always adding new skins into the game that players can purchase and while many fans will want to get a majority of them, it can be tough on the bank account.

With no community market, the only chance players have to get skins cheaper is via the Night Market.

Here's how the Night Market works!

How Does Valorant's Night Market Work?

The Night Market has been iconic within Valorant players since Riot released this feature a few years ago, and as noted above its really the only way for players to get skins at a discounted price.

Every so often, usually once an Act, Riot will allow players to reveal 6 different skins from any collection, randomly generated into each players store.

You'll be able to reveal these skins yourself, and more than likely there's going to be one knife, along with some other weapons.

All of these skins are discounted well below retail, so you won't end up having to pay full price for them if you want to purchase one.

However, the Night Market is set in stone, there's no re-rolling these skins once you reveal them within your Valorant Night Market, so here's hoping there's something good in your Night Market!