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Yakuza has long and been one of the beloved franchises within the gaming world, and fans of the series have been delighted this week with plently of announcements.

Now, the next entry in the mainline series of titles, Like a Dragon 8 has been announced and we're going to unpack it all!

Yakuza Like a Dragon 8 - Release Date

Since this was our first look at the newest entry in the Like a Dragon series, we just have a simple year that the game is projected to release.

As of now, it's slated to release sometime in 2024, and we'll be sure to update this page as we hear more news!

Like a Dragon 8 -Trailer
Yakuza Like a Dragon 8 Story

There isn't much we can say regarding the story about Like a Dragon 8, but perhaps the biggest news is the notion that both Kiryu and Ichiban will be playable within the game.

During the RGG Summit, they announced a few details pertaining to the game.

  • Combat system will be RPG based again, similar to Like a Dragon
  • Kiryu will have his own party
  • Kiryu changed his hair for a specific reason

We'll be sure to update this page as we hear more news!