Modern Warfare 2 is the new iteration of the legendary Call of Duty franchise, and with the game soaring in full release now, there's plently of weapons for players to use.

Some of these are classics such as the AK-74u, M4 and Aug, and we're going to runover how to unlock the latter.

Here's how to unlock the MX9 within Modern Warfare 2!

How To Unlock The MX9 (Aug) In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

The MX9 or Aug is one of the most iconic weapons within the COD franchise, and it's been featured in nearly every iteration for as long as we remember, and has always been one of the premier SMGs within the game.

Similar to other iterations of the weapon, it packs a punch no matter the range and the fire rate is managable unlike other weapons within the game.

However, unlocking weapons within the MW2 has proved confusing to say the least, well at first glance.

But, the MX9 is different this time around and you'll have to level up the following weapons in order to unlock it.

  • Level up the STB 556 to LVL 13 (This weapon naturally unlocks at LVL 41)

Once this is complete, you should have unlocked the MX9 within Modern Warfare 2! Be sure to get geared up for the release of MW2 with our new Syn Max Air.